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Ambita delivers tailored solutions based on unique data sources. Our expertise lies in land information and registry systems

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Norway takes the lead in electronic conveyancing

Norway takes the lead in electronic conveyancing

Electronic conveyancing and document handling has made fully automated loan processes possible. For Norwegians it has become a normal part of life. From an international aspect, it is still unique. Together with Denmark, Norway sets the pace on digital banking. Norwegian banks can with the use of Ambita’s systems, offer electronic conveyancing of all documents […]

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Norwegian media embrace Ambita’s technology

Norwegian media embrace Ambita’s technology

Services aimed at Norwegian media contributes to increased traffic and value for media and their readers. Using interactive maps and searching for property data have become a public past time in Norway, especially related to GPS and location searches on the internet. The interest is huge, and the requirements for level of precision and details […]

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Our services

Verification Services

Ambita’s Verification Services provide possibilities for seamless transactions in electronic conveyancing, digital signatures, authorization processes and document handling, offering a complete digital solution for our clients.

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Consultancy services

Ambita builds bespoke IT-solutions uniquely fitted to sectors such as banking, finance and real estate. With a strong consulting and development focus, Ambita embodies both the technical insight and the business acumen to present lasting solutions for our Clients.

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Ambita Infoland

Ambita Infoland is the all-in-one portal that provides easy access to all information required by law needed to handle a property transaction. The portal presents land, property profiles, map data, information from local authorities and housing cooperatives, and much more.

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Digital Land Registry

Ambita digitized the Land Registry in 1987. The database provides access to all land information from the Land Registry and the Housing Cooperative Registry, as well as technical information from cadaster. The Digital Land Registry covers all properties and housing units in Norway.

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Infoland is an important tool for me in my daily work. I can easily find what I need from the Land Registry and the Local Authorities, all in one place.

Lena Axelsson
Aktiv Eiendomsmegling