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About us | Ambita

Ambita is a Norwegian technology company with specialized expertise in Land Information Systems. Our market-leading solutions provide automatization and increased quality in our customers' work processes.

Ambita has over 30 years of experience streamlining the information flow between public actors and other stakeholders in the real estate market.

It all started in 1987 with a public mission to digitize the Norwegian Land Register. The database provides access to all land information from the Land Registry and the Housing Cooperative Registry, as well as technical information from the cadaster. The Digital Land Registry covers all properties and housing units in Norway.

Today, we are using our knowledge to help our customers digitize and automize their processes. Through Ambita’s technological expertise and wide access to property information, we are able to develop advanced decision support systems and analysis services for our customers.

We offer solutions for property buyers, vendors, real estate agents, solicitors, lenders, insurance companies, as well as local and central government.

Ambita is a limited company belonging to the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. We also have the majority shares in the companies Boligmappa.no and Alva Technologies.

Ambita Infoland

Ambita Infoland is the all-in-one portal that provides easy access to all information required by law needed to handle a property transaction. The portal presents land, property profiles, map data, information from local authorities and housing cooperatives, and much more.

IT Knowledge and Expertise

Ambita builds bespoke IT solutions uniquely fitted to sectors such as banking, finance and real estate. With a strong consulting and development focus, our experts assist professionals with in-depth knowledge of database management and information technology.